A Little About

A Beautiful Life

Being born and brought up in Odisha, Having received Vedantic training in Coimbatore Nagpur, Rishikesh, with the great Mahatma of this era, my Pujya Guru Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji, and the great Mahatmas on the banks of Narmadaji and Gagaji, having lived with the great Mahatmas of the era through out India, having come to Canada a decade ago, I have been blessed with all the beautiful experiences of life living in proximity with Ishwara all the time. 

Life Now

After 10 years of concentrated Vedantic teaching and Nididhyasanam after coming to Canada, now I have made myself available for those who want to celebrate their special occasions of life with a ritual like puja, hawan, parayanam or a discourse on religion and philosophy. As a qualified priest who is well-versed in Sanskrit and Shastras and also has deep insight into the philosophical aspect of Hindu religion and culture, I am at the feet of the service of the society in this part of the world.

My Vedanta Classes

Classes on Vedanta are conducted on Zoom Video Conference Here. The zoom link is available on request.

About Me

I am here to provide you with all the help you need to gather those unseen merits, Punyam or Daivanugraham, which control everything in life. As an intelligent person, when you chose to tap that grace from the Almighty, I will go all the way to help you at every step. 

Visit my store 'Atmasvarupa Vidya Mandir' to learn about all the services I provide. Please call, email or text to book a day and time for any ritual.

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