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Welcome to this website. This website outlines the services I provide as a Hindu Priest in North America.

I am here to help you perform rituals and celebrate the special moments of your life with a Hindu traditional and cultural touch and earn those special blessings that are the source of all auspiciousness to set your life on the right track within no time and shape your destiny in the most desirable way.


This is a brief list of services I provide. Contact for any ritual, puja or celebration of a special occasion in your life.


Your new house, a place where your life unfolds day by day along with your loved ones, needs all the blessings and all the positive energy to contribute to your growth and prosperity.

This is a very important day of your life that you are entering your new house. These are the occasions that don't come very often and you, I am sure, would like to make it a special one. Call or write to me for a nice Grihapravesha-puja which includes a Navagrahapuja, Vastu-shuddhi, Lakshmi-narayanapuja and a Homa(Hawan) followed by a sanctification of your entire house to create all the positive energy.

And when you buy a house for the purpose of investment, then also you need all the support from Daivam for it to be beneficial and give the right returns. In that case, a Grihapraveshapuja along with a Vanijyarambhapuja(a puja for starting a business) should be performed. 

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Celebrate any occasion of your life, may it be your birthday, anniversary, an achievement, with invocation of Lord Narayana in this form to be blessed with the Punyam that brings you further happiness and prosperity. 

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The one who eradicates all forms of sorrow is Rudra and when you please him with Abhisheka, everything that is unwanted disappears from your life.

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When nothing makes sense and everything seems to be a disaster, seek the blessings of the real powers that has the capacity to set things right.

Based on calculations on your birth chart by experienced and professional learned astrologers, a solution to your problems is determined and all the help is provided to perform the ritual and bring life back on to the right track.

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About Me

I am here to provide you with all the help you need to gather those unseen merits, Punyam or Daivanugraham, which control everything in life. As an intelligent person, when you chose to tap that grace from the Almighty, I will go all the way to help you at every step. 

Visit my store 'Atmasvarupa Vidya Mandir' to learn about all the services I provide. Please call, email or text to book a day and time for any ritual.

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